The Ghost Inside 7.13.19 Gig Poster

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I'm keeping the old description just because it's amazing how much has changed in less than 3 years...

ETID started this year with 5 months off. It was literally the longest break we’d ever had in the entire history of the band, and it was fuckin weird. Sure, I really spruced up the backyard and rewatched The Sopranos and got to help lay a foundation for our son’s transition into boyhood that will wire how he interprets the world around him whether he knows it or not until his very last day on earth and all that bullshit, but it was still weird. Long story short, I don’t have the mental strength to do what The Ghost Inside did. I know how passionate they are, and to so unfairly not be able to take the stage for 4 years... I’m about to have a conniption just thinking about it. If we didn’t have a show that day I would've been there front and center. Maybe not front and center, but I wouldn’t be an all access stage potato either. I’d probably be getting my ass whooped on the outer edge of that pit area. But since I could’t be there it was an honor to at least be able to make this poster.

- This high quality digital print exists on 18" x 24" ultra smooth fine art Lithorealistic paper, and will come rolled vertically in heavy duty shipping tube.

- If you have one of the hand numbered limited edition screen prints from 2019, don't worry, these new slicksters are hand signed and dated so you and your prints are still very special to us all!